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Pook & Pook gun auction offers Spangler collection
DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. — Guns and military items spanning three centuries will be offered April 13 by Pook & Pook during their Spring 2019 Firearms and Militaria Auction.

The auction will begin with more than 200 pieces from the collection of Robert Spangler, Jr. Spangler has spent decades of his life devoted to the craft of gunsmithing. He has helped countless customers build custom firearms and performed expert repairs. As a practiced marksman, Spangler holds a High Master designation from the NRA and the title of Distinguished Rifleman from the Civilian Marksmanship Program. His collection ranges in age from antique flintlock long rifles to modern hand guns. Spangler said he hopes other like minded collectors will cherish his collection as he has.

One of the more interesting pieces from Spangler’s collection is The Protector Palm Pistory by Chicago Firearms Co. Originally patented in France in 1882; the small, circular pistol was designed to be concealed in the palm of the hand. To fire a round, the entire weapon must be squeezed by the operator’s fist, with the barrel protruding between two fingers.

A number of pieces from the Civil War era will be offered including a Remington model 1863 Zouave percussion rifle and a Sharps New Model 1859 falling block military rifle. A Civil War First Lieutenant frock coat purportedly belonging to Edward Morrill of the 11th Massachusetts Artillery Battery will certainly draw attention.

World War I and World War II era firearms will include those from America and Europe such as a British Enfield No. 5 MK1 jungle carbine. Various edged weapons will follow including a Japanese Gunto military sword and scabbard. Two special lots to watch are the World War I painted doughboy Brodie helmets, dated 1918-1919, with hand painted camouflage and inscriptions of battles in France.

A group of signal cannons will also be offered as well as an assortment of contemporary firearms.

Contact: (610) 269-4040,

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